SwissPeaks Team

A very strong and dynamic team with very strong support: Our committee is supported by 32 passionate and committed station managers as well as omnipresent local actors and over 600 volunteers.


Noémie Voeffray

Marketing and Refueling Manager

Antonio Novo

Responsible for supplies and bases of life

Sebastien Bueche

Security Manager and PC Course

Carole Anchise

Volunteer and VIP Manager

Patrick Bruger

Head of arrival air and infrastructure

Fabrice Zenoni

Logistics Manager

Koni Zumthurm

Coordinator responsible for the Upper Valais

Christophe Moulin

Mountain guide, in charge of marking and unmarking

Vincent Moulin

Co-responsible tagging and unpacking and PC race manager

Julien Voeffray

Race Director and Timekeeper