Swiss Peaks Trail


Please note : you will find all the important information concerning races in the roadbook. To download a specific roadbook, please, visit the page of the race you have chosen and click on the download button at the end of the page. Please Note: Question concerning information reported in the roadbook or in FAQs below, will not be anwered by e-mail.

Currently, there are no COVID restrictions in place. Wearing a mask is recommended in frequented areas.

1. Unfortunately, I can no longer participate in the race and I have to cancel it, what can I do?

Please refer to the rules under “cancellation of registration.”. If you qualify for reimbursement, please complete the following questionnaire:

2. I signed up for a race but I would like to change and move on to a longer race or a smaller race, how to do it?

It is possible to change distance until 1 August, subject to availability of places on this race. If the desired race is fully booked, the change will not be possible. If you change for a longer distance, you will have to pay a difference. If you change for a smaller distance, a refund of the difference will not be possible. Please refer to terms and conditions. Moreover, no refund will be possible from July 1. After 1 August no further changes will be possible

3. What are the registration deadlines?

1st August at midnight for the 360, 170 and 100 and 15th August at midnight for the other races. While stocks last.

4. Where can I find the entry list?

On our website under the “list of registered athlets” tab.

5. Is accommodation in Oberwald, the day before the race, included in the registration?

No it is not.

6. Do you need a medical certificate to participate in the SwissPeaks Trail races?

No, in Switzerland no medical certificate is required to take part in a trail. On the other hand, races require good physical conditions, specific preparation and good mountain skills.

8. How do I register if I live abroad?

The registration procedure is the same you need to follow the instructions reported in the registration tab. Welcome!

9. Is there cancellation insurance?

You can find information about cancellation refunds on our website in the race rules and regulation.

10. What are the bank details if I would like to pay for my registration through bank transfert?

Here follows our bank details:

Association SwissPeaks

CH-1897 Le Bouveret

Bank: Banque Raiffeisen du Haut-Léman


IBAN: CH21 8058 8000 0077 7693 4

For payments in two instalments, please refer to the invoice received.

11. Where can I finde the precise location of the life bases ?

In the accompanying roadbook that can be downloaded from the specific Download tab.

12. Do you provide food for people experiencing food allergies? Gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

No, we will not provide this kind of food this year.

13. How long can we stay in the life base?

There is no time limit in the life bases, but be carefull about time barriers!

14. Is there the possibility to charge watches, phones on the life base?

Yes, all bases are equipped with a 40th USB port. You only need to have your cables in your follower bag. No USB cables will be available elsewhere.

15. Will you be able to sleep in the refuelling points?

You can stop as long as you like in a life base (watch out for time barriers). Beds will be available on site. Some refuelling points also offer the possibility to rest, but you will not be allowed to stop for more than two hours.

16. Can we sleep somewhere else than on the life bases? Hotel,B&B’s

No, everything has been done to provide you a reasonable comfort while respecting this kind of race’s etiquette.

17. What is the best way to get to Bouveret from Geneva Airport (GVA)?

The best way to get to Bouveret is to take the train from Geneva airport to Saint-Maurice and change to a second train to Bouveret.

18. How do I get to the start of the race, the day before or the same day?

The day before and the day of the race, shuttles are organised for the runners starting from Bouveret. Registration for the shuttle service is compulsory. please fill in the relevant form to register.

Shuttle SP360:

Shuttle SP170:

Shuttle SP100:

Shuttle SP42:

Shuttle SP21:

Thanks to partnerships with Regionalps, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and the Martigny-Chatelard-Chamonix line, train transport to the start is included in your registration fee. Please present your race number or proof of registration which you will receive a few days before the race to validate your free ride.

Please refer to the roadbook for all other details.

19. How do you pay for the shuttle to the start line?

It is included in your registration fee.

20. Are Regionalps trains free? Can I take another train or a taxi?

Thanks to our partnerships with Regionalps, Matterhorn Gottard Bahn and Martigny-Châtelard-Chamonix line, rail transport to the starting line is included in your registration fee. Please show your bib as a ticket for the public transport. You cannot use your bib on another train company (e.g. SBB).

21. What time does the shuttle to Oberwald leave from the Bouveret?

All information can be found in the runner’s roadbook

22. Is there any transport for my luggage?

Yes, there is a follower bag that follows you from one life base to another. Only the bag provided by the organization is allowed. Its volume is 50 liters.

A transport will be also organized for luggages going directly to the Bouveret from Oberwald. Your bag must be deposited on race day next to the start line

23. Is the accommodation the day before the starting of the 360k included?

No, you are responsible for booking and paying for this accommodation.

24. Is there a campsite?

There is a campsite in Bouveret and Oberwald. You will find futher information and all the links to book your accomodationon our web site under the accomodation tab.

25. Can we camp everywhere? Or in a parking lot?

Please refer to question 13. In Canton Valais it is formbidden to camp outside the specific camping areas.

26. Can we camp next to the starting area?

No, there will be no campsite that can accommodate you.

27. What accommodation do you recommend in Bouveret for the night before the race?

Please note: You have to stay in Oberwald the night before the race because you will not have time to make the journey on the morning of the race.

We offer accommodations for CHF 40.- Compulsory registration via our website. Follow this link to register.

28. I would like to take my friend’s bib because he can no longer race, is this possible?

Yes, it’s free and can be done until august 1st, thank you for writing us to make the request. Beyond this date, no more changes will be accepted.

29. Can we participate in the trail without a bib?

No, registration is mandatory. It is therefore not possible to participate in the race without a bib.

30. What time can I get my bib?

You can find this information on our website, under “programm“. For each race, this information can be found in the relevant details

Can I ask a friend to remove my bib for me?

No, you must collect your number personally.

31. I want to assist a runner during the race, how can I proceed?

You can refuel at the official refueling stations, mentioned that assistance is tolerated. We rely on your fair play and your environmental conscience while organizing your trips. The race management has the right to limit the number of people assisting a runner.

Apart from the points mentioned below, any form of assistance is strictly forbidden. Any assistance will be equated with cheating and the rider concerned will be disqualified.

32. Will there be a follower roadbook?

Yes, an Accompanist Roadbook is available on the website.

33. What are the refuelling points accessible by car? What about life bases?

All the life bases are accessible by car. The following refreshment points are available: Ulrichen, Reckingen, Chäserstatt, Fiesch, Eisten, Grächen, Bluomatt, Grimentz, Evolène, Grande-Dixence, Plamproz, Prassurny, Trient, Finhaut, Barme, Chaux-Pâlin, Morgins, Conche, le freney.

34. Will it be possible to follow the races live?

Yes, we offer a follow-up. It is a live tracking in collaboration with Legends tracking. For more information, please refer to the roadbook.

35. Will we be geolocated?

Oui, tous les coureurs de la 360 et 170 seront géolocalisés et le service n’existera pas pour les autres courses.

36. Is there any parking reserved in Bouveret? Do we have to pay for parking?

Yes, car parks are provided for the event. For more information, please refer to the roadbook.

44. Where can I download the “.gpx” files of the course?

You can download the “.gpx” and “.kml” files on our downloads page.

Please note that the courses can be adapted at any time and without notice even during the race.

45. Is the route marked?

Yes, all courses are marked. They are essentially marked with pennants. Not many ground marking. The pennants are equipped with reflectors for the night.

37. How big is the follower bag?

The follower bags will be provided by the organization and will be 50cm long and 35cm in diameter (cylindrical) for the 360. For the 170 and 90, 30L bags will be provided

38. Where can I find rules and regulation?

Click here for Rules and regulations (FR)

39. Are sticks allowed on the swisspeaks trail?

Yes, sticks are allowed on all courses and are even highly recommended. If you choose to run with sticks, you must keep them with you throughout the race.

40. Can I pay in euros?

Yes, you can pay in Euro. Please check on internet to find the exchange rate in Swiss francs.

41. Do you receive UTMB points by completing one of the SPT races?

You will find on our website all the ITRA and UTMB references assigned to each race.

42. What are ITRA points?

You can find all the information on ITRApoints here.

43. Can we benefit from ITRA points after 170 km even if we give up?

In the event of voluntary give up, no points will be awarded. On the other hand, if the race is interrupted, you will be awarded with points. Please note that these are not UTMB points but ITRA points