Swiss Peaks Trail

Pre-race information 360K

Dear runners, Dear SwissPeaks Trail runners,
Read this pre-race information carefully for the SwissPeaks 360.

  1. Mandatory material: please refer to the list communicated in the race rules. A compulsory equipment check will be carried out when the bibs are handed over. Controls will also take place along the race
  2. Present an identity document when collecting your number and keep it with you throughout the race. Please also bring your race bag and compulsory equipment with you when you collect your number so that you can attach your GPS tracker and check your equipment!
  3. The heatwave kit is compulsory in the runner’s bag! your cold kit stays in the follower bag. Crampons are no longer compulsory in the follower bag.
  4. Please refer to the 2023 roadbook for details of the times at which race numbers can be collected. Please note that you will be asked for your race number when you collect your number, so make a note of it before you come to collect it, as this will save time. Please also bring your completed runner’s discharge with you.
  5. A map of the car parks available in Bouveret can be found in the roadbook or on the “access” page. Road signs will be placed in the Bouveret to find you there. The official SwissPeaks car park costs 5CHF/day and shuttle buses (see timetable in the roadbook) will take you to the Bussien platform/ train station. Parking can be paid by credit card (select the amount before putting the credit card) Ask the info point for the instructions for use of parking meters.
  6. Repatriations: please note the different drop-off points (= points with a time barrier) and read the rules carefully regarding drop-off procedures. In case of abandonment, it is imperative to announce yourself immediately to a person of the organisation (at the abandonment post) and to give back your GPS tracker and timing chip. In which case you will be charged 150 euros. Any runner who misses the call for more than an hour, will cause the triggering of searches. If you do not announce yourself and searches are carried out, the costs incurred will be at your expense.
  7. The “Search and repatriation” insurance is compulsory. If you do not have one, we invite you to subscribe to Air Glacier for 35.00CHF.
  8. Download our security application (= the EchoSOS application onto your smartphone. In case of emergency, use this app so that rescues are triggered and we can locate you easily. The emergency number and the information number will be indicated on your bib.
  9. The runners will be tracked via our LIVE website, which will be available from Saturday. The live TV will be broadcast under the TV website
  10. We will communicate the weather information of the week during the runner briefing which will take place 1h before the start.
  11. Follower bags: to be deposited at the start of the race up to 30 minutes before the start. Attention this bag is provided by the organization (capacity 50L for the 360), any other bag will not be accepted. This will be provided to you when removing your bib and can not be taken by accompanying persons.
  12. Do you want to leave luggage at Le Bouveret for the time of your race? You can leave luggage at the start of the races, these will be directly repatriated to Bouveret. A personal label and a tether will be given to you in your bag containing your bib.
  13. You will receive a bracelet when handing over the bibs. This will allow you to access the different bases of life and supplies. It is therefore mandatory to be able to enter the basics of life!
  14. Accompanying persons are limited to 1 person in the life base. A badge will be provided to you when the bibs are handed over.
  15. It is strictly forbidden to leave the paths marked by the organization (SwissPeaks red pennants every 40 meters). We pass through sensitive areas for fauna and flora, so it is essential to respect this marking. Do not foolishly follow the person in front of you and be attentive!
  16. The accompanying roadbook is available on our website (download tab to facilitate the week of your companions.
  17. Registration for the Bouveret-Oberwald train is now closed. You have received an e-mail with the procedure for recovering your proof of registration for the 360 (used as a ticket)

FINALLY, take pleasure in this grandiose trip to Valais that awaits you! Good trip.