Swiss Peaks Trail

Find your accommodation

Please note: some of the hotels or B&Bs are not used to early bookings. It may take a certain time to have an answer.

If you need to call from abroad, the international code for Switzerland is “0041”. It will also be necessary to remove the first “0” after the code. e.g.: 027 123 45 67 — > 004127 123 45 67

Find your accommodation in the beautiful Dents du Midi region, a prime location in the heart of our SwissPeaks 360, 170 and 90.

Find your accommodation next to the start/finish area of all races.
SwissPeaks 15, 35 and 45 also starts from here.

Find your accommodation in the Trient Valley, the heart of SwissPeaks 360 and 170 course.
Finhaut, starting point of the SwissPeaks 90

The perfect place to spend the night before starting the SwissPeaks 170

Find your accommodation in the stunning Haute Vallée de Conches, source of the Rhone,
at the bottom of the most beautiful glaciers in the Alps, starting point of the mythical SwissPeaks 360