Swiss Peaks Trail


Runners briefing SwissPeaks 360 2021

Dear friends of the SwissPeaks Trail.

We are pleased to submit the race briefing for the 360.

COVID safety

Protect yourself and our volunteers!

Observe the applicable COVID guidelines at all times (wearing a mask in refuelling areas and hand disinfection). Your safety and that of our volunteers depends on it.


The weather will be pleasant enough for running but beware, cold at night and especially at altitude. You will touch 0°c with a moderate north wind.

In these conditions, the felt temperature is around -10°c.

As the conditions will remain dry, race management and the safety team have decided that the cold weather package isn’t mandatory but is very highly recommended for the start, especially for runners who plan to do the last climb before the base camp N°1 during the night.

However, it will be mandatory from the Fiesch base camp.

There is no reason to use crampons for the first few days but it is compulsory to have them in the follow-on bag (or in your backpack).

We remind you according to the races rules that :

  • you must have your identity card with you during the race
  • any form of accompaniment and assistance is strictly forbidden on the course
  • your race number must be worn visible at all times on your chest and above the last layer of clothing
  • your GPS tracker must be switched on at all times and it is forbidden to move it from the place where it has been fixed by the organisation

Forecast diagram in the Fiesch region for the start of the race:

Forecast diagram for the left side of the central Valais over the next few days at an altitude of 1500 meters:


Mandatory equipment

Keep your mandatory equipment with you at all times. Your safety (and your life) depends on it. Checks will be made.


You are running on the original track, which is currently on the website, and it is highly unlikely that there will be any changes to it given the weather forecast for the next few days.

Overall, the conditions are good and relatively dry on the upper part of the routes (on the first 150 km).

aid stations and life bases

All the announced refreshment points and bases of life are maintained and await you impatiently.


With “SwissPeaks” flags ONLY!!! (do not follow any other markings! These are spread out about every 30 meters along the entire course. Strictly follow these flags (do not remove them at any time and under any circumstances) and NEVER leave the paths (respect for the environment, fauna, flora and the fairness of the race).


The abandonment of rubbish in the wild will result in immediate disqualification. Respect for the environment must remain everyone’s priority at all times without exception.

Have a good race everyone!

We wish you the best of adventures in our beautiful canton of Valais and look forward to seeing you in top form in Bouveret!