27 August to 4 September 2022

The great journey is over: checklist post SwissPeaks trail 2021!

Swiss Peaks Trail

The mythical Ultra-Trail

From Glaciers to Lake: From Oberwald to Bouveret, in canton Valais, the fifth edition of the SwissPeaks Trail will take place in 2021. This ultra-trail with various tracks from 360 km to the half-marathon offers incredible and unforgettable views of the highest peaks overlooking the Valais and Lake Geneva.

SwissPeaks 2021 starts in



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Spend an unforgettable and festive week in the Alps. With six different races, from 21 to 360 kilometers, there is something for all tastes. Learn more about our different races, find out all the details and sign up for your favourite competition. Find more details in the information concerning each race and in the roadbook.


26’600m D+ / 6 ITRA points

364km to discover the Valais. A myth for Ultra-Trailers


11’500m D+ / 6 ITRA points

Fifth edition for the coveted “half of the myth” race!


6’180m D+ / 5 ITRA points

Through the Massif of Dents du Midi, 100K of happiness.


2300m D+ / 2 ITRA points

The Trail Marathon from Portes du Soleil to Lake Geneva.


2970m D+ / 2 ITRA points

The Goms Valley Tail Marathon.

Edition 2021 CANCELLED.


1510m D+ / 1 ITRA point

Join and discover the four towns of the Haut-Lac.

Organization and preparation

Info and Services

For a perfect racing experience, you need more. Here follows all the information needed to make your SwissPeaks Trail adventure become an extraordinary journey. From accommodation to road maps and roadbook download. For further information, questions or any detail not included in the additional information or in the FAQ, please contact us.

Download information, maps, starting lists and roadbooks .

All about the organization and participation terms.

A quick overview on places, hours and activities.

Here follows the list of the most important places.

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Our stations and life bases on the road.

Information about organization and participation.

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Supporters and volunteers

Partners and support

We are proud to cooperate with committed people. Thanks to our partners and volunteers who made the SwissPeaks Trail possible. Discover the spirit and you may also join the SwissPeaks world. We thank all those people who believe in the event and support us.

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