The Mythical

SwissPeaks 360

Valais is open to you. From glaciers to Lake Geneva, a myth it’s built kilometer after kilometer through the most beautiful alpine valleys. In the middle of the “4,000” peaks of the Alps, on a route whose reputation is no longer to be made. Travel, enjoy these wonders that nature entrusts us.

An Ultra-trail among the most difficult in the world: A demanding, technical and capricious race.

When you register, we give you the opportunity to pay the registration fee in two instalments. If you choose this option, you will pay 490.- solo (800.- for duo) on the day of your registration and the remaining amount (400.- for solo and 700.- for duo) will be paid by the end of March 2024.

360k Information


Sunday, September 1st, 2024

Oberwald, Valais, Switzerland

Start at 10 am

You can find the timetable for the pick-up of start numbers on our official program.

Collection of race numbers the day before in Fiesch or on race day in Oberwald.


365 km
25900 m D+ | 26900 m D-
Maximum 500 runners

6 points ITRA - Authentic alpine course, technically demanding and requiring excellent mountain skills.

No qualification or ITRA points required to start the race


Time of the first:

70 hours

Time of the last:

156 h


Mandatory equipment according to race regulations

You can leave your follower bag on the starting line. You'll find it on every life base. Only the bag provided by the organization will be allowed!

Aid stations

32 refuelling stations on the course including 6 life bases (with follower bag), one at the finish.


Transport from Bouveret to Bettmeralp, organised with our mobility partner Regionalps, included in the registration fee. Registration possible from July 2023

Registration fee

Rates from November 1st, 2023
SOLO: 890 CHF (890€) including:

DUO: 1500 CHF (1500€) including:
- Geolocation

- Time and live follow-up via our platform

- The welcome T-shirt, the gift and the Finisher medal

- the shuttle to the starting line

- Acces to the 31 refuelling stations

- 6 hot meals in the life bases

- luggage transport

- shower on arrival and rest area for runners arriving during the night

- the post-race meal at a restaurant of your choice in Le Bouveret

Good to know

Briefing one hour before the start of the race.

For reasons of fairness, environmental protection and organization, private assistance of runners limited (information in the roadbook)

Your personal belongings can be brought to the start and the organisation will drive them directly to Bouveret.

DUO Race The only rule of the duo race is to finish the race together!
If one of them drops out, the other can continue but will be classified in the SOLO category.

Access and places

In the access and points of interest menu, you will find a map allowing you to locate the accesses, the parking lots and the important places for you before and after the race.


You will find all this important information in the roadbook, plans and maps that you can download by clicking on one of the buttons below in the downloads section.

Map & Profile

Profile of the race

365 km | 25900 m D+ | 26900 m D-

Race map

Enjoy interesting features on the SwissTopo map

".gpx" and ".kml" files for download (2023 versions)

SWISSPEAKS 360 full route

Click on the corresponding button to download the ENTIRE course in the desired format.

The entire 360 gpx file does NOT contain altitudes

SWISSPEAKS 360 sectors

Click on the corresponding button to download ONE particular sector (between two life bases). The “sectors” files are composed of one point every 10 metres and the altitude reference has been added.

Access & Parks

For the SwissPeaks 360, your train transport to the starting point is included in the registration. Your bib ican be used as a ticket from Bouveret to Oberwald (valid the day before and the day of the race). We strongly recommend you to come by train or leave your car in Bouveret. No shuttles available after the race. We do not organise accommodation in Oberwald but you will find all the information on the accomodation tab.

In the Practical info/ Access and points of interest menu, you will find a map allowing you to locate the accesses, the parking lots and the important places for you before and after the race.