2021 NEW ! SwissPeaks Trail CAMPS

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Two new features are being created in 2021:
The trail preparation courses in the Valais, organised by SwissPeaks team.

Two new products were introduced in 2021:
Trail preparation courses in the Valais, organized by the SwissPeaks team.
Specific TRAIL and ULTRA TRAIL preparation courses in the Alps.

Two internships are offered in 2021:

  • CAMP #1 – TORGON, from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 May 2021. Short” course, bib for the TORGON TRAIL race included in the course. Information and registration by clicking here.
  • CAMP #2 – GRIMENTZ, from Wednesday July 7 to Sunday July 11, 2021. Long” course dedicated to the preparation of long mountain races in the Alps. Information and registration by clicking here.

The SwissPeaks Trail Camps concept is a training course supervised by professional coaches and trainers, in an “All inclusive” formula. Once you arrive at the meeting point, your only concern will be your performance on the course!

The “+” SwissPeaks :

  • Personalized accompaniment with groups of different levels. Support by coaches, sports trainers, top-level sportsmen and women with specific trail-running skills.
  • All-inclusive” trail course: Food, lodging, supplies, on-place transport, advice.
  • Cryotherapy sessions offered in your course thanks to our partner SwissKryo.
  • The family and friendly atmosphere you will find on the SwissPeaks Trail !
  • Discover the wonders of the Valais, aerial routes, Valaisan meals and a simple and family atmosphere as we like it.