SwissPeaks Trail 2020- 4 races out of 5 confirmed!

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SwissPeaks Trail 2020 ??

Looking forward to handing over a bib? The good news of the day is that we are pleased to announce that the following SwissPeaks races will take place in a few weeks:

➡️SwissPeaks 360, SwissPeaks 170, SwissPeaks 90 and SwissPeaks Marathon!

❤️ We are therefore pleased to announce that those on the waiting list of the SwissPeaks 170 and 90 are now on the list of registrants

Regarding the SwissPeaks Marathon, we had to move the start day to Sunday, September 6th so that it could take place! The start will take place like last year on Sunday at 6am from Morgins! Registered persons will receive an email within a few days with all the necessary information.

Unfortunately, in the current configuration, the half marathon cannot be maintained. Registered runners will receive an email with the various possibilities available to them!

✅ Here are the new quotas on each of the races:

SwissPeaks 360 – > max 300 runners (remains 25 bib)
SwissPeaks 170 – > max 300 runners (remains 5 bib)
SwissPeaks 90 – > max 400 runners (remains 18 bib)
SwissPeaks 42 – > max 300 runners (remains 150 bibs)

Registrations reopen for The SwissPeaks 42 tomorrow, Saturday 27 June 8am! So don’t miss the opportunity to get your sesame 🙂 ? ♀️
Once these different quotas have been reached, a waiting list will be put in place to replace registered runners who could not start!

We look forward to welcoming you in a few weeks in our beautiful Valais! ?

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